Pallet Rack Add-Ons

Wire Decking


Wire decking provides a storage deck solution for your pallet rack while meeting OSHA and local fire code standards. It makes loading of different types and sizes of pallets safer and easier. 

Post Protectors


Post Protectors are anchored to the floor protecting the upright from costly forklift damage. 

Rack Backs


Protect workers and equipment from falling items with Rack Back panels. Rack Back panels create a sturdy barrier between stored items and the ground below. 

M Dividers


M Dividers are commonly used in racks storing wood, rugs and other vertically-oriented products. M dividers separate product that is being stored upright in a rack system, and get their name from the shape the divider makes when laid on its side. 

End of Row Protectors


End of Row Protectors are used on rack systems with high-traffic aisles. The row end protectors are placed on the end-of-aisle frames offering added protection from forklift damage. 

Shelf Dividers


These are used on pallet rack shelves to separate the contents of a beam level.

Corrugated Decking


Corrugated decks are used on pallet rack to create a shelf level that is flush with the beam for smooth product loading and unloading.  

Pallet Supports


 Pallet support bars are used in pallet rack for added pallet fall protection. 

Universal Drop Pins


 Universal drop pins will keep beams secured in the upright frame, even in the event of upward force. 

Pallet Rack Enclosures


Pallet Rack Enclosures secure inventory and the contents of existing pallet racks and prevent the theft of stored warehouse items. 

Carton Flow Rack


This hand picking system is made up of slightly inclined wheel and roller platforms. The product is deposited at one end to slide safely and gradually down to the picking aisle.   

Row Spacer


Row spacers are used in flue spaces between uprights to stabilize the rack system or provide clearance for building columns and other obstacles. 

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