Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow rack, also known as “gravity flow,” is a FIFO (first in, first out) dynamic storage system. With pallet flow, you can achieve high-density storage while maintaining a FIFO retrieval order. Pallet flow racking maximizes actual storage space by minimizing aisles. Pallet flow systems can be designed to hold up to 20 pallets deep in one lane and allow for quick and efficient inventory turnover.

How it works:

  • Pallets are loaded into the lane from the loading aisle and flows by gravity towards the unloading aisle.
  • First placed on rollers, pallets flow towards the front of the system.
  • Once they have reached the front, the pallets rest on pallet stops until unloaded.
  • As pallets are unloaded, each pallet behind "flow" into the next position.


  •  High density, space-saving storage
  • Each lane can hold up to 20 pallets deep in one lane
  • Customized, tailor-made design
  • Fast and immediate access to every pallet
  • Versatile - Well-suited for refrigeration or freezer storage applications
  • Tested for your unique application
  • Minimal maintenance


  • High capital investment compared to other racking systems
  • Limited selectivity and limited number of SKU's 

Common Pallet Flow Rack Design Questions to Ask:

  • Available area for Pallet Flow Rack?
  • Dimensions of the pallets (W x D x H)?
  • What is the weight of the pallets being stored? 
  • What type of pallet is being used?
  • How many pallets do you need to store?
  • # Pallets Deep x # Pallets High?
  • Clear Ceiling Height? 
  • Max Lift Height of Forklift?
  • Aisle Requirements? 

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