Modular In-Plant offices

Reusable, relocatable, and expandable design.

Easy installation with minimal facility disruption.

Load bearing storage roofs available.

Variety of colors and finishes.

Multi-story options optimize space and value.

Solid construction withstands manufacturing and military environments.

Maximize your existing work space with our modular offices. Modular in-plant offices provide strong construction for much less than conventional building.

Modular Office Structure

Value Core

Polystyrene core with a binder post system. These insulated walls reduce the noise in loud warehouse environments. 

Modular Electric

All outlet boxes, switches, wiring, and conduit fit neatly into the studs of the framing system with removable cover plates for wiring access while recessed fluorescent light fixtures integrate seamlessly with the ceiling grid system. Unlike traditional wiring methods which are labor intensive and require extensive involvement from electricians, modular wiring systems snap together in a fraction of the time so all the electrician has to do is bring the power to the circuit breaker box.  

HVAC System

A through the wall HVAC system is probably the most popular type of air conditioner for in-plant offices. They are the most affordable and easiest to install. Split systems are more expensive, but are usually more efficient than other types of room coolers, quieter to operate and often have convenient remote control capability. 

Common Modular Office Design Questions to Ask:

  • What's this being used for?
  • Do you have a sketch of the area? Where are the doors and/or windows?
  • How many walls? Is this a stand-alone 4-wall office, or is it being installed against any existing walls?
  • What kind of wall is it being installed against?
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)?
  • Do you want modular electric?
  • Do you want a HVAC system? Split System or Through-the-wall unit?
  • Options: windows, extra doors, extra electric?
  • Load-Bearing or Non-Load Bearing Roof?
  • Take a picture  of the area to make sure there are no pipes or other obstructions in the way.

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