Utilize the wasted overhead space in your facility with a Mezzanine from Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. We will meet your custom specifications - with custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials, and landings. 

  • Custom specifications - with custom sizes, heights, and spans
  • A variety of decking materials available
  • 4-MIL powder coated steel components provide a superior level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications
  • Heavy-Duty enough to support 150 psf loads

Mezzanine Decking Options



One of the most common options for decking a mezzanine is to use corrugated steel decking material covered by a layer of Advantech. 

This decking method is considered to be our most economical selection and materials are readily available. 



Resindek is a high density composite flooring recommended for mezzanines requiring a solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts or dollies. This option is installed over 20g. corrugated steel decking and has a load capacity of up to 2,000 lbs. It has an acryseal surface which is not only skid-resistant but also easy to clean. 

Bar Grating


Steel grating allows for air, light, heat, and fluids to pass through the deck surface. It is strong, durable and virtually maintenance free. Welded grating is a system of interlocking, perpendicular bars; it provides a smooth clean look and excellent lateral support. Steel grating can be an economical choice due to the fact that in many cases, insurance companies will only require sprinkler systems above the mezzanine, since the open grating allows the water to reach lower levels. 

Diamond Plate


If durability is a serious factor in your decking decision, you may want to consider a diamond plate floor. Heavy duty steel tread plate(diamond plate) is generally installed over Advantech. Advantech is mounted over corrugated steel deck to provide greater durability with higher point load and wheel load capacities. It also enables a quiet floor for the work environment as opposed to having diamond plate directly over a steel deck.  

Common Mezzanine Design Questions to Ask:

  • Do you have a sketch of the area? 
  • What's this being used for? Office or storage?
  • Deck size?
  • Is there a critical clear height or deck height?
  • What kind of decking? Options include: OSB/Corrugated, Resindek, Bar Grating, Diamond Plate
  • Capacity options: 125 PSF, 150 PSF, or 50 PSF (for walkway)?
  • Column spacing? Most economical or spaced around existing equipment?
  • How many linear feet of handrail?
  • Stair configuration?
  • Do you need any gates?
  • Take a picture  of the area to make sure there are no pipes or other obstructions in the way.

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