Warehouse Layout and Design

When it comes to warehouse design, where does one start? Whether you are reorganizing your existing facility or moving into a new one due to expansion or consolidation, the best place to start is by Gathering and Documenting the RIGHT information. Whenever we are helping our clients come up with an ideal layout for their specific business, we start by asking the following questions:

Pallet and Load:

What kinds of products and containers are going to be stored in the rack system (i.e. Pallets, Cases, Finished Goods, Parts loose or in bins)?

Number of SKU's?

Range of units stored per SKU?

What are the actual dimensions and weights of the SKU's, pallets, cases (W x D x H) you plan to store?

Loading Equipment:

What type of lift truck will be predominantly used in the warehouse?

Max Lift Height?

Aisle Requirements?

Wide Aisle (WA) i.e. Standard sit-down forklift: Typical aisle widths are 11’ to 13’ or larger

Narrow Aisle (NA) i.e. Stand up trucks, reach trucks, double deep reach trucks. Typical aisle widths are 8’ to 10’

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) refers to forklifts that can operate in aisles of less than 6’. There is often some sort of guidance systems (guide rail, wire guidance) i.e. Man-up order pickers, turret trucks, swing mast trucks, and Bendi style.

Warehouse Layout:

Is there an available CAD drawing? Paper drawing?

Activity areas in relation to the warehouse area? i.e. Loading docks, production or packaging area and traffic flow? 

Unloading / staging needed? 

Size of the area that will act as the warehouse?

Clear ceiling height?

Are accurate obstacles noted (i.e. Column size and spacing, walkways, doors, sprinklers, overhead obstructions, ventilation)?

What are the long-term plans in terms of growth?


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